Medical Aesthetics With Fred R. Himmelstein, M.D.

Individualized treatments for a younger looking you.

Aesthetic Enhancements

Aesthetic medicine aims to restore the face to a younger appearance. In the right hands, laser resurfacing, fillers or volumizing agents, and Botox are very effective in minimizing lines and restoring a youthful fullness to the face without undergoing plastic surgery.

Facial Fillers

Loss of facial volume creates jowls, folds and flattening that make our faces look older. Skillfully injected fillers restore volume that supports the skin of the face and can add contours that are flattering. This improves the shape and appearance of your face. Fillers are commonly used on the lips, nasolabial folds, and cheeks. Several substances are approved for use as facial fillers. Collagen, hyaluronic acid and calcium hydroxyapetite are found naturally in the body and are wonderful products for facial volumizing. Two of the best products are Juvederm and Radiesse. These products are injected through very small needles.


The numerous muscles under the facial skin give expression to our faces. Repetitive contraction of some specific muscles causes unattractive creases that are undesirable at any age and become more pronounced as we age. Botox preserves a more attractive appearance by stopping these creases from forming. When injected by a skilled practitioner, Botox stops nerve impulses from reaching only the problematic muscles, which prevents them from contracting to make the unattractive creases while preserving expression in the remaining facial muscles. The most common treatment site for Botox injection is the glabellar area above the nose and between the eyes, where the skin can fold to form creases looking like an eleven. Another common injection site is where crow's feet lines form. The forehead, chin, lips, and neck can also be injected if needed, to address unattractive lines that come from the use of muscles underlying those areas.