Spa Services

Express (30 min)$45.00
Signature (60 min)$70.00
Men (45 min)$50.00
Teens (40 min)$45.00
Eye treatment (15 min)$20.00
Make-up Application$45.00
Wedding partiesBy Appt.
Back$50.00 and up
Legs$50.00 and up
Bikini$35.00 and up
Brazilian$50.00 and up
Underarm area$25.00 and up
*** Wax Disclosure: Caution: Due to adverse results, we do not wax clients who use oral or internal prescription skin medication. Clients having treatments such as glycolic acids, laser hair or skin treatments, skin resurfacing, and micro derma should wait five days before/after treatment. Do not expose skin to indoor or outdoor tanning for at least 48 hours before/after a waxing service. Also, diabetes, pregnancy, menstruation heighten sensitivity to waxing.
Manicure (45 min)$22.00
French (45 min)$27.00
Sport (45 min)$19.00
Brides/Bridesmaid (45 min)$27.00
Shellac French$43.00
Removal w/manicure (90 min)$35.00
Polish (shape and polish: 30 min)$16.00
Hot Paraffin (15 min)$13.00
Hot Paraffin w/manicure (75 min)$32.00
Little Lady (10 years and under)$17.00
Pedicure (60 min)$53.00
French (60 min)$58.00
Sport (60 min)$50.00
Bride/Bridesmaid (60 min)$58.00
Spa Pedicure w/hydrating mask (75 min)$63.00
Express (45 min)$38.00
Polish (shape and polish: 30 min)$18.00
Little Lady (10 years and under)$23.00